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New Novel

Print Length: 265 pp

ISBN 978-0957627277

6" x 9"

File Size: 453 KB


Screen Reader: Supported

Enhanced Typesetting: yes

There comes a point in everyone's life when enough is enough and too much is plenty. If you have a choice you change... or die trying.

Becca Kyte has the choice. Fight or flight. Take her hand and flee with her. Help her pass the past. Discover those questions we're forever asking: who am I? where do I come from? why am I here? And how the hell do I get out?!

And, for a little bonus, learn how motive, means and opportunity can help commit the perfect crime.

Short Fiction

Print Length: 183 pages

ISBN 978-0957627284

6" x 9"

File Size: 2523 KB

ASIN: B083C74FS4

Screen Reader: Supported
Enhanced Typesetting: yes


Some of the most beloved paintings of the past and present inspired me to create fictions featuring women. Glimpses, snapshots, and even entire lives fuel these literary journeys. Some will amuse you, others beckon out a tear or two. And they're interspersed with a handful of memes to make you laugh out loud and scare the cat!

Give 'em a whirl... follow the butterflies as they alight on sweetness and perhaps some pain. daVinci. Magritte. Hopper. Matisse. Manet. Whistler. Something for everyone.


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