Some bumf about the books.

Resident Aliens:
stories of NYC in the 1960s

ISBN-13-978-0957627208     182 pages

ASIN: B00CE2LDVC               1640 KB

These stories take a juicy bite out of the Big Apple in the early 1960s. The City was in transition. People had emerged from the hollow-eyed Depression, weary of War, and not ready to rock society's boat, let alone rock and roll. But right in front of their eyes, the kids were biting the hands that fed them. All the slimy stuff no one ever mentioned in their MadAve starched collar, pin-curl world - all that stuff oozed out into the streets like some sci-fi monster. Yep, there were worms in the Big Apple. And some of 'em were smiling. No wonder everyone was confused!

Settling Beyond The Pale

ISBN-978-0957627246    196 pages

ASIN: B01EP4HY64          2396 KB

Who dares oppose Freedom?! The Pale of Settlement created an arbitrary fence around the western Ukraine, corralling the Jews out of sight of the Tsars, from Catherine the Great down the line to the brutal Alexander III. Settling Beyond the Pale tells of one brave woman's flight to freedom against all the odds. And each of the six short stories maps a personal flight of equal consequence.

Walking on my Hands:
how I learned to take responsibility for my life with the help of Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand, Greta Garbo, Harvey Milk, Idi Amin, Guy the Gorilla, & Frank Sinatra among others
ASIN: B01DUWNSRQ     791 pages/15711 KB     Beth's autobiography
Feeding the Twins: a horror novella

ASIN: B076BT9NM2     kindle edition

ISBN: 9780957627253  paperback edition 94 pages

From the moment of their birth The Twins were ravenous, demanding to be fed. Born of a single seed no bigger than the freckle on your chin, they grew to claim their legacy, their power. This tale strips away the niceties in Myth and Meme, Culture and Consequence, down to the common horror we must learn to love.


Feed them!


ASIN: B076K64PL6        kindle edition 

ISBN:  9780957627260  paperback edition 229 pages

A magical realism rom-com with a fantasy twist, so weave yourself a cloak of the finest suspension of disbelief!

Computer games developers Denny and Jo are a tried and tested team who may work brilliantly together, but they're toads and whipped-cream poles apart - until ... Yikes! the heroine of their new game literally bursts into their lives to shake them up and save the day.

ISBN hardback 978-1841500393      192 pages

ISBN paperback 978-1841508498    190 pages

ASIN: B01A27UF4G kindle edition

 the Net Effect

Without relying on technical languuage, Beth Porter has produced an absolutely invaluable introduction to the net and web which also serves as a superb tool for those toe-dipping paddlers who might be considering  a more whole hearted entry into the internet world.

Originally published in 2003, The Net Effect is still used as a university text.


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