Who dares oppose Freedom?!

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Settling Beyond the Pale is Beth's 2nd collection of short fiction. Please click cover pix to order online.

Table of Contents

BEYOND THE PALE - a novella

Prologue - They Lived In The Pale Of Settlement

chapter 1 - Meanwhile, in The Palace of Dreams

chapter 2 - The Rosefinch in Love

chapter 3 - Courting on the Move

chapter 4 - In a Pickle at the Tavern

chapter 5 - Burying the Dead

chapter 6 - White Nights Beckon the Rosefinch

chapter 7 - Winterís Tail, 1882

chapter 8 - Tragedy and Comedy and Tragedy

chapter 9 - Roseanna and the Realpolitik

chapter 10 - The Long Arm of the Law

chapter 11 - The Rosefinch Takes Flight

chapter 12 - The Rosefinch Builds Her Nest

coda - Roseanna Flies Away


Still Life With Nude

The Shadow

Last Vid and Testament

Echoes of Lace

Quality Control

The Russian Lesson

About Beth

The Pale of Settlement created an arbitrary fence around the western Ukraine, corralling the Jews out of sight of the Tsars, from Catherine the Great down the line to the brutal Alexander III.

Settling Beyond the Pale tells of one brave woman's flight to freedom against all the odds.

And each of the six short stories maps a personal flight of equal consequence.