Resident Aliens is Beth Porter's first collection of short fiction.
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Beth Porter's method is impressionistic. In The Day After the End of the World she builds her story in short scenes by small, deft brushstrokes, creating a picture of New York in the 1960s, a rich texture of family love, sleaziness, mental illness and even murder. She is very good on the mechanisms of young women's friendships. It is hard for the reader not to be drawn into her world.
Simon Brett, BAFTA-nominated radio dramatist; prolific novelist of detective fiction, including A Shock to the System, made into a feature film with Michael Caine.
The Day After the End of the World showcases Beth Porter's intensely cinematic imagination to full effect. Her unflinching account of the resentments, joys, unpleasantnesses and banalities of the lives of a group of emotionally interwoven characters works, with a sense of increasing foreboding, to a suitably noir climax.
Paul Bajoria, Much lauded children's writer; BBC radio producer.


5 stars - Porter Pleases By W. Stephen Gilbert

Beth Porter's writing has magnificence. She handles the material like the editor of a movie (we all know that no one in movies is more powerfully creative than the film editor). I adore her sense of rhythm and pace and the way she keeps it all in a completely winning vernacular, and how she can keep me on tenterhooks from page to page as I gag to know what happens next and soon learn that it's no earthly good my trying to guess, because I'll always be wrong and where she's going is better. Her stories are completely convincing in their evocations of the city, the language, the environment, the way people relate, yet never in any hand-me-down way, so the experiences feel lived.

4 stars - Way out, way back when By noeloh
A very enjoyable collection. The four stories differ in tone but share the same succinct, impressionistic style. Numerous cultural references point up shifting attitudes in NYC through the 50s & 60s. The author is very good on female friendships & in the standout piece, the novella ‘The Day after the End of the World’, we follow the fortunes of three girls as they grow into women. This is cleverly structured, with the sense of impending catastrophe making it a compelling, suspenseful read. We are made to care about the girls & we know when something bad is going to happen, but not what, or how, or to whom. My favourite of the other three stories was ‘In the Alphabet’, in which a wide-eyed Midwesterner encounters a young Noo Yawker & is swept away, like us, by her Runyonesque vernacular flow. Ya dig? I dug.

4 stars - A page turner! By ExPat
The title of the novella in Resident Aliens - The Day After the End of the World - is as evocative as the content. The sense of time and place is immaculate and pleasing. The characters are rich, real and surprising. They start off familiar and then journey elsewhere, unpredictable but convincing. The same is true of the narrative; you think you know where it's going, then you don't but you're going with it.

5 stars - From stage (and film and tv) to page: a stunning debut By Mr. Howard I. Schuman
Beth Porter's debut collection of fiction and poetry is stunning. The narratives gripping and inventive, the writing electric: capturing the Manhattan of decades past, confronting parental, sexual, criminal abuse with an exhilarating creative confidence. Beth Porter was a tremendously exciting actor, her fiction is no less thrilling.

4 stars - A fan By debra
Of Beth Porters writing...precise,witty and utterly surprising. My favourite is the novella,although the collection is a gem, inhabiting a world of its own... I want to know what happened to Zippy and Kalinka...left me wanting more....can't say fairer than that!

5 stars - Read it in one go By Mrs J Tait
I particularly loved The Day After the End of the World . Totally carried along by the lives of these engaging girls. I read it in one sitting. A real page turner!

4 stars - Engaging and powerful read! By Una Curthoys
What a good read! I was thoroughly riveted from the moment I started it. I Would highly recommend this book.