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5 stars An engaging read - By dare
Beth is an amazing storyteller... Her descriptions make things come to life, and some passages are almost poetic.

5 stars A fascinating memoir from a gifted storyteller - By Douglas R. Gibson
"I love this memoir. It's a ride through the cultural life of the past several decades. It's a fascinating read. Besides her career, she opens up about her family, her love life, her politics, life in the film and stage world of 1960s New York City, and a successful career with the BBC, from acting to behind the camera.Frankly, this memoir could easily fit into a syllabus on contemporary entertainment in the latter decades of the 20th century.

5 stars A Fun Trip Down Memory Lane with an Actress You've Never Heard Of, But You'll Soon Wish You Did - By Delbert Botz
The title might be long-winded, but her prose is not. Within 5 minutes, I felt like I was in the company of a surprisingly adept storyteller who had me hooked.


excerpts from the Foreword

by Shane Connaughton
renowned novelist and screenwriter of My Left Foot

"Beth Porter's life was never for a second still, not whilst battling her way through childhood anyway nor during her subsequent tempestuous career in showbiz...

It was quite a career - theatre, films, TV and radio as a performer and a television producer. And all the time on the verge of being 'nearly famous'...

Nothing and so far no one has managed to deliver a knockout blow to a person of tremendous courage, talent, wonderful enthusiasm and insight into everything from politics, philosophy, even zoology.

She was a journalist at aged fourteen but it was in theatre she belonged... The theatre scene in England was given a much needed shot in the arm by her work.

She starred in Howard Schuman's "Rock Follies" on TV, which was one of the shows you could not miss, such was its energy, talent, satire, fun. It all eventually ended up in a legal tangle but Beth didn't let it get her down.

She pursued her life as usual. Fully committed to her vision of what life could be, she survived the heartbreak of love by refusing to give in. Fabulous journeys to India, Siberia, Ireland followed and in this book she gives full account.

A life less ordinary by a woman extraordinary."